Alice Bonasio

Editor in Chief

Alice Bonasio is a Writer, Academic and Strategic Consultant specialising in Technology and the Creative Industries. Over the past 15 years, she has helped start-ups, corporations and institutions shape their communications strategy and tell their stories to a global audience.

Alice Bonasio

She passionately believes in the transformative power of technology, and in (at the risk of sounding like one of her favourite Silicon Valley characters) “Making the World a Better Place”.

This translates into advising companies of all sizes and working on a broad variety of projects across the entire tech spectrum, but her particular interests at the moment focus on Virtual Reality technology and the impact this will have in society.

Alice is a freelance journalist writing for publications such as Playboy, Newsweek, The Next Web, Times Higher Education and more. In addition to undertaking consultancy projects, speaking engagements and delivering media coaching, and is currently writing a book about how VR will change relationships in the digital age.

With 4 nationalities (US, Brazil, UK and Italy) and a strong track record working across international markets, Alice has the multicultural perspective and flexible language skills to scale up ideas globally.

A self-confessed geek, Alice is (perhaps too) active on social media and always welcomes new connections, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter, where she curates technology news alongside more self-indulgent pursuits such as LEGO addiction, Star Wars and adorable ginger dogs named after Sherlock Holmes characters.

Have the scoop on a great story? Drop her a line on or @alicebonasio


Tom Atkinson

Reviews & Deputy Editor

Tom is Reviews & Dept. Editor at Tech Trends and as such he is constantly on the lookout for the weirdest and most wonderful gadgets out there. He also covers developments in VR and Immersive Media Production and has a special interest in crowdfunding. In addition to his film and television work Tom is a Virtual Reality enthusiast.Alice Bonasio VR Consultancy MR Consultancy Tom Atkinson Tech Trends Reviews Review AR MR Mixed Reality Virtual Augmented Sex IOT raindance vr arcade vrx award 2017 25th anniversay film festival

An award-winning indie producer of short films, animations and documentaries. He has worked with Oscar & BAFTA winning partners on broadcast TV projects, indie films about eerie British myths and hauntings, legendary comic footballers, obsessive collectors, wrestling, eccentric British traditions and is currently developing a feature project. His award-winning film and documentary projects have attracted funding and praise from the UK Film Council, Film4, John Landis, Nic Roeg, Ken Loach and Louis Theroux and been broadcast on Channel 4 as well as screening at festivals around the world.

Tom holds international press accreditation and his photography, has been published by NewsWeek, Quartz, Fast Company, Ars Technica, Playboy and Upload, he specializes in the tech sector but accepts commissions from publishers & business clients large and small.

A huge Star Wars and LEGO fan, Tom was recently featured in the BBC Antiques Roadshow combining those two passions and showing off his enviable collection of 500+ Star Wars minifigures.

If you’d like to get your product reviewed on Tech Trends, take a look at our guidelines and email him on


Sole Chirco

Wellness Tech Correspondent

Sole Chirco is a life coach, certified complementary therapist and business consultant. She works with busy professionals who want to live a more meaningful life, teaching them modern self-awareness techniques and ancient healing tools.

Sole Chirco The Spiritual Flamingo tech trendsWith over a decade’s experience in the corporate world, Sole has first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved in making personal wellbeing a priority while arm wrestling with a chaotic schedule and ambitious career goals. Having cut the umbilical cord with her 9 till 5 (or 8 till 8) in 2014, Sole consequently founded The Spiritual Flamingo, a coaching practice supporting individual and corporate clients. She helps them tackle a range of personal and business-related subjects from self-development to company culture, work-life balance and emotional intelligence.

With a background in marketing and PR, Sole developed her career in the tech space advising businesses anywhere from start-ups to listed companies. She has lead global rebrand projects, launched companies in new markets, pulled together crisis management programmes in a matter of hours, and created internal advocacy campaigns that get employees to love their workplace.

A self-proclaimed excellent cook, in her spare time Sole enjoys experimenting with new vegan recipes much to the horror of her Italian parents. When she is not too busy optimising the sock drawer, Sole travels across the globe with the primary purpose of expanding her collection of kitsch fridge magnets.

Her topics of interest are work-life balance, holistic wellness, mindfulness and meditation, simplicity and minimalism, organization and decluttering. If you’d like to talk about how technology can help humans live a fulfilled life send Sole an email on, DM her on Instagram (@solechirco) or connect with her on LinkedIn.


Trudy Barber

SexTech Correspondent

Trudy Barber Tech Trends Sex
Photo: Russel Squires

Trudy Barber created the UKs first immersive Virtual Reality Sex environment during undergraduate Fine Art Degree studies at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London in 1992 and went on to complete her PhD: Computer Fetishsm and Sexual Futurology: exposing the impact of arousal on technologies of cyberspace from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 2005.

She joined the Creative and Cultural Industries Faculty at Portsmouth University in 2006, and is Course Leader for BA (Hons) Media and Digital Practice Degree in the School of Media and Performing Arts.

Trudy lectures and writes on various aspects of Digital Culture. Her subjects are emergent media, cyber/digital culture, cybersexualities, Virtual Reality, robots, deviant leisure, theories of love and attachment, art practice and the digital future. She has published, lectured and broadcast world wide for over 25 years on her interests. You can find her on on LinkedIn or Twitter @TrudyBarber






Jim Reichert

Metaverse Correspondent

Jim Reichert is the Metaverse Correspondent for Tech Trends, leveraging his experience in 3D meshing, coding, and design for a variety of virtual- and mixed-reality platforms to offer a unique perspective into the social side of VR. As well as working alongside major players in the virtual- and mixed-reality space, Jim is passionate about working with small independent teams to change the world…and create new ones.

Jim Reichert Tech Trends

A veteran of the high-tech industry, Jim spent the last two decades shipping 3D game experiences for companies like SEGA, Magnet, VGL/FASA Interactive, and Microsoft, where he most recently worked on the HoloLens.

At Microsoft, Jim collaborated with industry giants like Autodesk, JPL, and Trimble to help design and code many of the showcase “modern workplace” HoloLens demonstration featured both on stage and on YouTube.

His background and passion for all things Metaverse offers our readers a unique glimpse into the creative spirit, culture, and personalities that build proto-Metaverses like Second Life, Sansar, and High Fidelity from the inside out. He already runs multiple successful virtual goods businesses in Second Life and is looking to expand to other virtual world / Metaverse platforms as they mature. You can follow these and other goings-on via Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Jim is a champion of “safe spaces”, inclusivity, and diversity in the Metaverse and virtual worlds, where he works to set the human spirit free from real-world constraints and bias by promoting pseudonymity and the multi-faceted nature of digital identities. For the past seven years, this work led him to form relationships with many movers and shakers that the “waking world” has yet to identify and celebrate. His writings at Tech Trends will aim to change all that.

If you’d like to reach out to Jim with a story or perspective on such things as Virtual Worlds, Metaverse, Social VR, User Generated Content, Avatars and Identity, email or @jreicher


Jana Hanson

Education and FinTech Correspondent

Jana Hansen Tech TrendsJana believes that education is a sector ripe for digital disruption. The first stages of that have already started to happen, with the current EdTech boom bringing traditional elements of learning and teaching online (here’s looking at you, MOOCs). Soon, however, we’re going to see a much more radical revolution, with Artificial Intelligence and personalized learning, as well as immersive technologies enabling us to build “lived” educational experiences. This is the sort of story that fascinates her.

As an academic, storyteller, editor, content producer, community builder, product manager, and data-wrangler Jana has worn many hats over many years working in the education and technology sectors. This included working at some of the most cutting-edge start-ups in London, such as RefME, one of the London EdTech rocketships that made citations sexy, where she produced academic content explaining why citations are important and how they work.

Working at Blackbullion, and online platform that provides financial literacy to students, she is currently researching the concept of learning gain and is diving deep into how humans learn. Next to frequent outbursts in post-modern short form discourse (aka Twitter), educational scripts on budgeting and the newest FinTech tools, she prides herself in having once written a subject line with 79% open rate. Yes, engaging students CAN be done #millennialwhisperer.

She loves to talk about all things EdTech, FinTech, Data, any Netflix series, human psychology or the weather (spoiler: in England, it’s always bad). You can reach her at or @Dschanai



Ashley Thorpe

Film & Games Correspondent

Ashley is an award-winning filmmaker whose unique style of animation has earned him many an accolade over the years, although not quite (yet) the fame and fortune which is his due. He therefore also works as a freelance animator and illustrator on a variety of commercial projects, such as the title sequence for Neil Marshall’s horror anthology Tales of Halloween.

Ashley Thorpe Tech Trends

In addition to writing the scripts for all his films, Ashley wrote successful radio drama plays and contributed to magazines such as Fangoria. His writing and illustrations have also appeared in a range of publications such as Little Shoppe of Horrors, Famous Monsters of Filmland and Headpress, Critical Vision titles. From which a clever observer might deduce a certain penchant for all things horror.

After a number of years working as an illustrator at BBC Manchester & London and Athens, Ashley returned to his Devon roots in 2005, where he devoted the following decade to creating a series of animated short films – inspired by English mythology – through his production company Carrion Films. They were followed by his highly anticipated first feature-length production – Borley Rectory – which was successfully crowdfunded and stars the likes of Reece Shearsmith and Julian Sands.

As a full-time dad balancing a career with looking after the children – including an exceedingly intelligent and lively 4-year old girl, he’s also partial to reviewing any interesting technology gadgets and toys that might help keep Lily Wednesday busy and happy. He also teaches regular film/animation/editing workshops to children in his hometown of Exeter.

Ashley’s Tech interests and expertise include crowdfunding (having successfully funded the production of Borley Rectory through Indiegogo) and of course animation, illustration, and things that go bump in the night. Reach him at or @CarrionScreamin


Todd Maddox

Science, Sports and Training Correspondent

Todd Maddox Tech TrendsTodd is passionate about applying his 25 years of scientific experience to build better training products in a broad array of sectors (e.g. corporate, education & sports), optimizing hard and soft skills by better understanding how their learning is mediated by distinct systems in the brain.

In the sports training sector, Todd works with elite and amateur athletes to speed learning and enhance muscle memory. His scientific research suggests that muscle memory and motor skills, in general, rely critically on the presence of real-time immediate corrective feedback. He believes that new ways of thinking about training are needed to devise effective, high-quality sports training methodologies.

After receiving his PhD in Quantitative and Cognitive Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Todd completed a two-year post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Harvard University. He then embarked on an illustrious 25-year academic career researching the fields of human learning and memory with an emphasis in understanding the computational interplay between motivation, personality and incentive structures and their effects on optimized learning, memory and training. Todd is fascinated by the brain and the brain-basis of all behaviour and has published nearly 200 peer-reviewed research reports.

Todd is especially interested in applying his optimized training expertise to the emerging technologies of VR/AR/MR, as well as eLearning, and he is currently writing a book focused on bringing the science of optimized training into the commercial sector. He is the CEO and Founder of Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting LLC. And a Contributing Analyst at Amalgam Insights.

You can email Todd with relevant tips and story ideas on or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter @wtoddmaddox



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