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Tech Trends Valentines Gift Guide

Searching for a nice little something to tell someone that you love them? Look no further than these delightful goodies hand-picked by Tech Trends!

From Yummy cakes and chocolates to luxurious skincare, and practical luggage to a wonderful way to preserve and share your digital memories, this post has something for everyone. And don’t forget, Valentine’s is not just for your spouse/significant other. It’s for saying “I love you” to anybody who matters in your life!

Heirloom Video Books

Share the best gift of all, the gift of happy memories! Heirloom video books fit up to 20 minutes of your personalized video. Fill it with your memories, and with special videos made by friends and family. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use.

Heirloom is your one-stop destination for preserving and sharing treasured memories with premium video books.
Embrace the modern way of sending heartfelt wishes with our digital greeting cards, ensuring your messages, memories and milestones are delivered in a unique keepsake to your loved ones.

Each Heirloom book comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last.

Available on sendheirloom.com Amazon, Walmart, The Paper Store, Etsy and Maisonette

Price: 10-Minute Book $49, 20-Minute Book $69, Add a gift box for $12!

These books combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy your digital memories as well as the tactile joy of leafing through a photo album. Heirloom is a physical book that plays your videos when the cover is opened — just provide your video and Heirloom loads it to your book and can even ship it directly to your loved one.
Heirloom loads your book with your videos and ships it directly to you or your loved one.
The bundle Includes:

• 5″ HD screen (charger included)
• Already loaded with up to 10 or 20 min of video
• Add a personal message inside the cover
• Pick from 16 different cover designs
• Expedited shipping available

Buy it now here.


Graydon Skincare

We adore the Love Your Skin bundle from Graydon Skincare

It usually retails at $110 but is currently on offer at $89, which is fantastic value for what you get. From an exfoliating sponge for smooth skin to a pink-colored facial cleanser to a tinted moisturizer with a face glow. The bundle includes:

o Aloe Milk Cleanser
o Face Glow Tinted Moisturizer
o Bamboo Charcoal Sponge

Graydon Skincare is a Toronto-based vegan and non-toxic beauty brand focused on feeding your skin from the outside in with superfood ingredients! Whether it’s a self-care day or showering your partner with love, give the gift of Love Your Skin Bundle!

Each product is chosen to enhance your beauty regimen and leave you feeling positively radiant. Share the love or treat yourself – because everyone deserves the gift of beautiful, healthy skin. The Aloe Milk Cleanser helps to minimize pores and wrinkles and brightens with niacinamide, black tea, and vitamin-rich ingredients. Face Glow promotes elasticity, highlights with sustainably sourced mica, and protects with zinc. The Bamboo Charcoal sponge cleanses and exfoliates, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Elevate your skincare routine with this curated collection, embracing the benefits of nature for a luminous, youthful glow.

Shop for this fantastic bundle and other great skincare products here.


Beatrice Bakery



For a yummy treat with a unique and decadent flavor, the milk chocolate-covered fruit cake squares are a must! Trust me, even if you’re not a fruitcake fan (and I know there are many of you out there) these are very likely to convert you! Available for $38.95 for a tin of 18.

Their recipe dates back to 1917 and has been a beloved tradition ever since. The handmade goodness was first introduced by two German brothers, who discovered a family fruitcake recipe in their grandmother’s cookbook. The recipe took off, and the Lantz brothers soon found themselves searching for a bigger facility to produce their grandmother’s recipe. In 1964, their search took them to Beatrice, Nebraska, and the current facility.

The Nebraska bakery changed names and ownership several times before becoming nationally known as Beatrice Bakery Co in 2002. Despite the changes, the original fruitcake recipe remained the same.

But even if you don’t want to commit to the fruitcake, they have plenty of other yummy options, such as their premium Chocolate Rum Ring is packed with a premium blend of cocoa and dark rum. The additional injection process makes this liqueur cake a, for sure powerhouse! 6-ounce ring box Serving: 6-10 $18.36

Shop the full delicious range here.


Otamatone – Japan’s Favorite Musical Toy

If your partner has a silly side and also likes a tune then we can’t recommend highly enough this insane little musical toy from our nutty friends in Japan.

Only the Japanese could come up with a toy like this that will keep adults and kids entertained for ages trying to mimic their favorite songs while looking like fools. We tried out the Special Lucky Cat Otamatone which mimics the famous waving lucky cats you see in Japanese shops and restaurants.

  • SPECIAL LUCKY CAT EDITION – Everyone’s favorite Vocaloid – virtual superstar Hatsune Miku – meets Japan’s favorite musical toy in this adorable special edition Otamatone!
  • BEST SELLER – One of Japan’s Best-Selling Musical Instruments / Portable Synthesizer Toys!
  • FUN & EASY TO PLAY – Slide your fingers along the stem to vary the pitch and squeeze the cheeks for vibrato
  • CREATE YOUR OWN SOUND – Play in a low, medium, or high pitch – get together with friends and create harmony!
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES – Kids, teens, and adults all love the Otamatone! Whether you’re brand new to music or an expert musician, the
  • Otamatone offers a fun, silly new way to make music!

It is too hard to explain how to ‘play’ the Otamatone but watch this hilarious video explainer to learn more about the potential of the Otamatone and how to play it. Trust us, you just need one of these in your life!


Pick up the exact Otamatone we tested for $38.99 here. This is a reduced price at the time of publication. Trust me, you would have to be the world’s most boring person to not enjoy this ridiculous little musical toy!


AWAKE Chocolate

For those of you who love coffee and chocolate (and if you don’t what’s wrong with you?) we heartily recommend this cute and delicious AWAKE Variety Pack which features milk, peanut butter, and caramel flavors at a very reasonable $34.99.

AWAKE Chocolates limited edition variety pack is the perfect gift for teachers, nurses, and parents (pretty much anyone who has a busy life!) AWAKE chocolate offers 50mg of caffeine per bite-size piece, and comes in PB, milk Chocolate and caramel flavors, yum!
Variety is the spice of life, friends. Put a pep in your step with a mix of our beloved Caramel, Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Bites, all in a fun Valentine’s Day themed pouch!

• Individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience
• 50mg of caffeine per bite to fight tired with delicious
• Premium fairtrade chocolate

Shop at awakechocolate.com (also available on Amazon).


Sugar Bowl Bakery

Another great option to say ” I love you” with delicious sweeties is the Sugar Bowl Bakery. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugarbowl’s famed Palmiers (only $9.99), or browse their extensive range for other ideas (we LOVED their madeleines)!

Not only are their treats yummy, but you can feel good about supporting a minority- and family-owned and operated bakery, founded in 1984 in San Francisco by five Vietnamese brothers in pursuit of the American dream.

Their bakery was honored in 2013 by President Barack Obama who shared it as an example of a successful immigration story. He said “That’s what America is about. This is the place where you can reach for something better if you work hard.”
Today, Sugar Bowl Bakery is one of the largest, certified minority-owned bakeries in America and is proud to deliver high-quality desserts at affordable prices to top retailers and food service companies across the US – and the globe.

Explore the full range here.


Island Hopper Travel Backpack

The Island Hopper travel backpack is the last backpack you’ll buy! Designed for comfort, with the perfect amount of space for your clothes, cameras, toiletries, computer, and more! It’s the best carry-on luggage choice to keep you traveling light while still being well-prepared. Designed for comfort, with the perfect space for your clothes, cameras, toiletries, computer, and more, this is the perfect backpack to take on your adventures!

Features include:

  • The best carry-on luggage choice to keep you traveling light while still well-prepared.
  • Premium YKK water-resistant zippers
  • Padded waist support belt to distribute heavy loads off the shoulders, with small zipper pockets on each side
  • Well within the carry-on size allowance, but with the 40L capacity leaves lots of room to pack all your essentials safely
  • Luggage style opening with easy access, shock-resistant padded laptop side pocket (up to 16″) makes clearing TSA a breeze
  • Super lightweight at only 2.1 lbs
  • Premium YKK Zippers
  • Now with a padded waist belt to distribute heavy loads off your shoulders
  • Lifetime guarantee!
  •  Waist belt features small zipper pockets on each side
  •  Wide, padded, ergonomic shoulder straps with air-vented mesh to wick-away sweat and evenly distribute heavy loads
  • Splash resistant zippers and extra large zipper buckles for easy handling
  • Weather-resistant TPU Exterior
  • Massive space on the inside for shoes and multiple days on the road.

All of that retails for a very modest $139, shop the full range here!


Spiceology’s Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack

Need something a little more elevated for the foodies on your gifting list? Or the budding flavor seekers and experimental mixologists? This gift set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with flavors like Sriracha, Jalapeno, and Black Truffle, it’s the perfect variety pack to take your savory dishes, sauces, sweet truffles, and cocktails to the next level. Venture out of your comfort zone and experiment with flavor™.

Elevate Your Culinary Game with the Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack

Move over table salt. Spiceology’s Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack transcends the usual, inviting you into a world of gourmet seasoning with flavors that are both distinct and memorable.

The Craft Behind Flavored Salts

Making homemade flavored salts isn’t just about combining ingredients; it’s an art. By using a combination of herbs, citrus zest, and other gourmet ingredients, Spiceology crafts a palette of infused salts that effortlessly elevate any dish.

Have you ever tried making flavored salts at home? Perhaps on a baking sheet, experimenting with various flavor combinations? It’s a delicious idea. Yet, it demands precision and patience. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, ensuring each grain of salt is perfectly infused.

Why Our Luxe Infused Salts Stand Out

While many are familiar with coarse salt varieties like maldon salt or rosemary salt, Spiceology is bringing you six different and innovative flavor infusions. . Each salt in our variety pack offers a unique flavor profile. From the warmth of smoked paprika to the earthy notes of thyme, there’s a flavor for every culinary enthusiast.

And for those who seek the pop of peppers, our Jalapeño salt, made from the finest jalapeno powder, offers just the right amount of heat. Yet it’s not just about the spice. With our Luxe pack, you can experience the rich aroma of Black Truffle or the boldness of Ground Espresso.

Don’t settle for the monotony of regular table salt when the world of flavored salts is waiting. And while many are content with just citrus or herb infusions, Spiceology wants you to experiment with new flavors.

A Perfect Gift for the Culinary Enthusiast

Considering flavored salts as a gift? Whether you’re gifting it to a seasoned chef or a home cook eager to experiment, our Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack offers an array of delicious flavor combinations. Every pinch from our Luxe Infused Salt pack promises an experience, whether you’re seasoning a steak, sprinkling over a salad, or experimenting with mixology. So, venture beyond the known and taste the magic of expertly crafted infused salts.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the boujee foodie partner, look no further than Spiceology’s Luxe Infused Salt Variety Pack. With flavors from Jalapeno to Black Truffle, these salts will spice up any Valentine’s Day dinner or cocktails!

Available now for $39.95 from Amazon here and Spiceology.com


YI 2K Dome 360 Degree Smart Home Security Camera

This YI 2K Dome 360 degree security camera features 2304 x 1296 resolution, for clarity at every angle. 2K resolution makes a huge difference over HD in indoor use. Of particular note is the very good Enhanced Night Vision which, when activated, enables 8500-nm infrared lights, a high-sensitivity image sensor and an F1.9 large aperture lens. This excellent feature captures detailed images even in very low-light conditions.

This cool little camera also swivels to capture complete coverage of your home with 355° degree horizontal and 84° degree vertical rotation, resulting in virtually zero blind spots. When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object recording most of the action in the room. With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can also hear the sound from the scene and speak with people on the camera side.

It is important to note that this product is sold in the anticipation you will sign up to their Kami Cloud subscription plan – full details here – which as well as storing your security footing off-site in the cloud, enables their Smart AI Detection system which can distinguish Person, Vehicle, or Animal accurately and reduce false alarms significantly. Kami Cloud offers loop recording with no storage limit, so even if your YI Home Camera is stolen or damaged, your footage will still be secure and accessible on the cloud. Download the YI Home App PC/Mac client and view up to 4 live camera feeds on one screen, wherever you are.

If you don’t want the subscription this is still a very usable device and you can store your data and recordings locally with an extra Micro SD card (not included). Please note, the Micro SD card must be formatted as FAT32. Accessing the SD card remotely via the Yi Home app on your iPhone or Android device is a cinch and the motion detection alerts work very well. You can also use the app to schedule the camera’s actions and set Home or Away presets.

Keep track of what’s happening in every room of your house or small business, and rest assured that you won’t miss anything. It is important to point out that the YI 2K Dome camera is only compatible with a 2.4GHz band network, 5GHz networks are not supported.

This camera is also compatible With Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use your voice to turn on YI camera for home security or view your camera live stream on Echo Show or any screen-based Alexa device or Google Chrome Cast. This is not a battery-powered camera so it can only be placed around the home within reach of a power socket but the included micro USB power cable is pretty long. If you don’t want to put a Micro SD in your camera you can try Kami Cloud on a one-month free trial accessed via the app once you set up a new Yi device.

Available at the time of publishing on Amazon.com for a reduced $28.99.


Arterra – Advanced Veterinarian-Formulated Dog Supplements

If you share the love of your other half with a doggy competitor, then a gift of these high-end scientifically formulated dog supplements might make everyone in your complicated relationship happy this Valentine’s and leave no one left out!

The world’s most advanced dog supplement. Defining a new standard in canine supplements to help dogs live happy, healthy, and long lives

Senior Support Supplement

We tried out their Senior Support Supplement for dogs 8+ years. Arterra claims this is the most comprehensive dog supplement ever made, featuring the best science-backed ingredients in their optimal forms and strengths. Designed to give you more time together, this senior formula focuses on your dog’s longevity, enhancing their quality of life and helping to turn back the clock to give you more time together.

Designed to give you more time together. Our senior formula focuses on your dog’s longevity, enhancing their quality of life, and helping to turn back the clock.

We can’t yet testify to the life-lengthening powers of this easy-to-use powder but it was devoured with glee by our hungry hounds and the list of health-boosting ingredients is impressive and surely must improve the nutrition your dog gets when mixed with its regular food.

  • Formulated by board-certified veterinarians
  • 63 Active ingredients
  • 100% Filler-free
  • Natural bacon flavor that dogs love!
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by our 100% results you can see guarantee

Remineralizing Toothpaste

We also tested Arterra’s Remineralizing Doggy Toothpaste and can attest that a few sessions of teeth cleaning with this tasty toothpaste has improved our dogs’ breath. The peanut butter flavor really helped get them interested in the cleaning and made the job a lot easier, but watch out as they did try to eat the toothbrush. I guess it was just too yummy!

The world’s first remineralizing toothpaste for dogs. Featuring advanced nano-hydroxyapatite technology. It doesn’t just clean, it repairs.

Most dog breeds are more prone to periodontal (gum) disease than tooth decay and dogs with bad breath is a price we pay, but regular teeth brushing can make a big difference. While all breeds will benefit from teeth cleaning, many breeds are particularly cavity-prone and may especially benefit from this novel Remineralizing Toothpaste.

  • Veterinarian grade toothpaste.
  • Remineralizes teeth to reverse early-stage tooth decay
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Cleans and maintains healthy gums
  • Plant-based, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic
  • Naturally Peanut Butter flavored
  • Made in the USA

Check out Arterra’s prices and subscription offers here and keep you furry friend healthy for as long as possible.