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Unveiling 20 Lesser-Known Talents of Alexa

Alexa, the ubiquitous voice assistant, is not just for music and reminders. Geonode reveals 20 hidden capabilities that might astonish you.

1. Alexa as a Pet Companion

Missing your pets while you’re away? Alexa can keep them company with ambient sounds or interactive games designed for pets. Many pet owners have found solace in Alexa’s ability to play soothing sounds like birdsong or engage their furry friends with games like “Simon Says.”

2. Whisper Mode

Yes, you read that right. Alexa can whisper back if you whisper a command. Useful for those late-night queries when you don’t want to wake up the household. This feature is a lifesaver for parents trying to check the baby monitor without disturbing a sleeping infant or for night owls seeking answers without disturbing their partners.

3. Brief Mode

Tired of Alexa’s verbose confirmations? Enable Brief Mode, and Alexa will become more succinct, sometimes responding with just a beep. Brief Mode is a productivity hack that ensures you get quick responses when you’re in a hurry or looking to maintain a quiet atmosphere in your home.

4. Skill Blueprints

Customize Alexa’s responses for specific scenarios or questions. It’s a neat way to personalize your smart home experience. Skill Blueprints empower you to create your own custom Alexa skills. For instance, you can design a personalized trivia game for family gatherings or craft a unique bedtime story for your kids.

5. Email and Calendar Integration

Beyond just setting reminders and alarms, you can integrate your email and calendar for more efficient task management. Alexa’s email and calendar integration is like having your own personal assistant. It can read your emails, add appointments to your calendar, and help you stay organized effortlessly.

6. Guard Mode

When activated, Alexa can listen for alarming sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms and alert you accordingly. Guard Mode transforms your Alexa device into a home security sentinel. It listens for critical sounds and sends alerts to your phone, providing peace of mind when you’re away.

7. Multi-room Music

Did you know you can stream music across multiple Alexa devices in different rooms simultaneously? Whether you’re hosting a party or just moving around your home, Alexa ensures that your favorite tunes follow you seamlessly from room to room.

8. Donation

Feeling charitable? Use Alexa to make a donation to your chosen organization. Alexa’s philanthropic feature simplifies the donation process by allowing you to contribute to your preferred charities effortlessly, aligning your giving with your values.

9. Voice Profiles

Alexa can distinguish between different voices in your household to provide personalized experiences for everyone. Voice Profiles enable each member of your household to have their own customized experience with Alexa, from personalized music playlists to individualized news updates.

10. Shopping List Collaboration

You can invite family members to collaborate on a shopping list or to-do list, all through Alexa. Collaborative lists via Alexa streamline household management, ensuring that everyone’s input is considered when creating shopping or to-do lists.

11. Sleep Sounds

From rainforest sounds to white noise, Alexa can play a range of ambient sounds to help you sleep better. Alexa’s sleep sounds feature has been praised by those struggling with insomnia or noisy environments, helping create a serene atmosphere for a good night’s rest.

12. Drop-In Calls

You can make direct calls to other Alexa devices in your home, effectively using them as an intercom system. Drop-In Calls are a modern take on the intercom, allowing for quick and convenient communication within your home, whether you’re upstairs, in the basement, or anywhere in between.

13. Recipe Assistance

From ingredient lists to step-by-step instructions, Alexa can assist you throughout your cooking process. Alexa’s recipe assistance has become a go-to tool for amateur chefs and seasoned cooks alike, providing step-by-step guidance and cooking tips.

14. Local Business Searches

Looking for the nearest pharmacy or grocery store? Alexa can find local businesses for you. Alexa’s ability to locate nearby businesses is particularly handy when you’re in a new area or need urgent assistance.

15. Currency Conversion

Need quick currency conversion? Just ask Alexa for real-time rates. Alexa’s currency conversion feature is a boon for travelers and international business enthusiasts, offering up-to-the-minute exchange rates at your command.

16. Voice Remote

You can control your TV, including playback and volume, using Alexa as your voice remote. Alexa as a voice remote simplifies your TV-watching experience, allowing you to change channels, adjust volume, and search for shows with just your voice.

17. Voice Shopping

Enabled with proper security features, Alexa can help you make purchases without even picking up your phone. Voice shopping with Alexa provides a seamless and hands-free way to shop online, making your purchase experience more convenient than ever.

18. Daily Briefing

Get news updates, weather forecasts, and calendar reminders all in one go with a simple “Good Morning” command. Alexa’s daily briefing is like your personal news anchor, delivering the latest updates to start your day well-informed.

19. Fitness Trainer

Alexa can guide you through quick workouts, perfect for squeezing in some exercise at home. Alexa’s fitness guidance is a boon for fitness enthusiasts and those looking to maintain an active lifestyle, offering on-demand workouts tailored to your preferences.

20. Translate Languages

Need a quick translation? Alexa can translate phrases or sentences into several languages for you. Alexa’s language translation capability is indispensable for travelers and multilingual households, facilitating communication across language barriers.

Sarah Greenwood of Geonode says:

Alexa is more than just a voice assistant; it’s a versatile tool with features that can cater to a wide range of needs. Whether you’re new to the world of smart homes or an Alexa veteran, there’s always something new to discover. So go ahead and try some of these surprising features today!