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Infographic: Cloud Technology Trends

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Cloud technology is booming and it will play a pivotal role in powering other trends such as a the mass-market adoption of VR. A recent report dissects some of the current trends in the cloud computing market and digests them in the handy infographic below.

Cloud technology is booming as more businesses rush to adopt it Share on X

Some key findings include:

  • SMEs are currently more likely to implement cloud solutions than larger ones, and this trend is set to continue for the next 3 years
  • Companies from Asia and Europe expected to invest more heavily in cloud solutions
  • Tech and finance companies have higher projected rates of cloud adoption, ranging from 72% to 83%
  • Businesses believe cloud technology adoption translates into greater efficiency, cost savings and improved organisation performance as well as increased team collaboration.
  • Companies still view the lack of physical control as a barrier to cloud adoption, in addition to factors such as regulatory compliance
The cloud will play a crucial role in the mass-adoption of VR Share on X

Infographic: The State of Cloud Technology 2017 Report

The State of Cloud Technology 2017 Report fromSaasGenius

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