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Social Distancing does not mean Social Isolation

While most of us practice social distancing and are no longer able to go out to run errands, work, and see friends in real life, it’s no surprise that lately we’ve seen our IMVU community grow faster than ever before. 

All of a sudden our new normal has become a completely virtual life.

IMVU launched 16 years ago amid the genesis of virtual social networks like The Sims and Second Life.  Through all this time, IMVU has grown and continued to attract new users as the platform has evolved.  Currently, it is the largest active avatar-based social network, but in the weeks since social isolation started, the platform has seen a spike in users upwards of 200% growth in registration and the number of daily active users is up 75% overall.

Social distancing does not mean social isolation.

At IMVU, experiencing a virtual life, world, and adventure is the way millions are able to have real human connections while they are stuck at home.  Here’s the thing: just because everyone is at home, it doesn’t mean that you have to be socially isolated. No way! You can still “get out there”, and by “out” we mean “into”, the IMVU virtual world and have a total blast with friends from all over the world who can totally relate and are looking to have a fun time too. All you have to do is join IMVU for free, create your 3D Avatar, and you’re ready to start socializing from the comfort of your home.

And you know what’s even cooler? When you join IMVU, you get 4,000 Credits for free. No other virtual world does that. And get this! You can use your Credits to customize your avatar to your liking or to anything else you can possibly imagine.

You’re in great company at IMVU

If you suddenly start thinking that you’re alone in all of this, keep in mind that IMVU is visited by more than 6 million people from around the world every month. So, chances are you’ll have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to making great connections. From virtual friends to virtual lovers and everything in between. Suddenly social distancing doesn’t seem too shabby, does it?  Look at all the fun we’re having.

Pajama Parties

Movie Night

Paint Party

Beach Party

Retro Dance Parties (the best!!!)

Take it from my friend @MyzTrie13G who recently shared how she’s using IMVU right now amidst social distancing:

Hello everyone … yes it is a difficult time we are facing … and not being able to get out in the real world … IMVU is and has been for me a place that I can go for enjoyment and interact with others … especially now, it’s ok when you can go out and don’t want to … but to actually be told that it’s wise not to … or be told not to go if you don’t have to … never thought this would happen but and things will never be the same again … never know what to expect next … but I believe God has it all in control … and things will get better in His time … we have to just trust in Him. thanks for letting me vent … God bless and keep you all!!

You can enjoy the IMVU virtual world experience on your desktop or online. It’s all up to you! Just download the apps here and get started now!

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