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Augmented Reality Means Business

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Join us for a BrightTALK panel discussing how and why businesses should start using Augmented Reality (AR) to engage their customers, raise brand awareness, and enable collaboration across their organisations.

If you think Augmented Reality is a gimmick, think again. It's big business and it's happening now Click To Tweet

You can register for the event below and watch it live on Wednesday the 26th April 2017, or catch up with the recorded session anytime afterwards. The panel will be moderated by BrightTALK Community Manager Josh Downs and I will be joined by Mickaël Jordan Co-founder & COO of Augment as well as Max Dawes from Zappar

The session will cover Hardware, Hurdles, Business Case Studies and the Broader #AR Ecosystem Click To Tweet

We will be discussing case studies of how AR is already helping boost businesses in dramatic ways, discuss the cost issues, hardware limitations, how to develop compelling content, and look at the broader evolving ecosystem that companies like Microsoft are looking to build with the HoloLens.

The session will last 45 minutes with a Q&A at the end. If you have any questions in the meantime make sure to leave a comment or reach out on Twitter @alicebonasio



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