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Learning a New Language Just Got a Whole Lot Sexier

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It is widely accepted that we all learn better if we’re enjoying ourselves. That is particularly true of language learning; it takes true persistence to reach a decent level of fluency, so anything that helps to – say, spice things up – has to be a welcome addition to a teacher’s toolkit.

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That’s what adult webcam platform CamSoda is hoping to enable with their new “language lessons” feature (originally dubbed Hot4Teacher) which launched today.

“Everyone has had a crush on their teacher at some point or another, whether it be Veronica Vaughn, Jess Day, the hot teacher in Van Halen’s ‘Hot for Teacher’ music video or one you had growing up,” says CamSoda VP Darren Press. CamSoda is capitalizing on those fantasies with what they claim is the world’s first-ever adult language-learning service, which combines multilingual cam models and translation technology to “make learning a new language fun and sensual.”

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Now, in addition to camming with their favourite cam model in a private chat room, fans can engage in casual conversation with them, learning an assortment of languages including Spanish, French, Russian and English. Particularly apt students might find that the models are open to rewarding good linguistic performance by removing items or clothing or even going a bit further if they decide to do so.

“We wanted to offer our fans an incentive to learn a completely new language and what better way than courtesy of their favorite cam model in a private chat with some casual, and maybe sensual, conversation?” he asks

CamSoda’s new service allows cam models to communicate in their native tongue with users through video and voice as well as text, which can then be translated into English in real-time via its language translation technology — similar to what Google Translate uses. So, for example, if a cam model chats a user and says, “Hola, me llamo Claudia,” the user can click on CamSoda’s “Translate” button and find out that means, “Hello my name is Claudia.”

“Unlike current translation offerings, which can be quite monotonous, Language Lessons will motivate users to keep coming back for more. There is no set curriculum or regimented structure. We encourage our users to explore at their own pace.”

Users can browse CamSoda’s offerings by language or by model, and request sessions with specific teachers by messaging them. The model can then reply with their available days and times. At the time of the scheduled lesson, the user goes to the model’s page and goes into a fixed length private chat for the lesson. The rates vary depending on the model and session duration.

“I’ve been bilingual my entire life and am excited to share my native tongue with my fans, says Spanish model Alice Gomez. “Rather than learn Spanish from some generic app, my fans can have a casual conversation with me, which is especially conducive to learning a new language.”

It remains to be seen, however, if students will manage to remember a lot about the actual content of their lessons, or perhaps whether they end up with a rather limited – and perhaps rather unsuitable for work – sort of vocabulary.

CamSoda often pushes the boundaries of what we can expect from an adult platform, and are keen to be seen as leading innovators in the webcam space. Language Lessons is the latest in a string of interesting initiatives that includes a virtual reality camming experience, the “iTunes of Blowjobs,” dubbed “BlowCast,” and “Holo-Cam,” its streaming technology that enables users to watch live, 3D interactive holographic cam shows. Most recently, the company announced “OhRoma,” a virtual reality experience that incorporates smell.

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And while a lot of these might come across as a bit gimmicky, it’s also refreshing to see a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s really no need why sex – or learning, for that matter – should be a boring affair, and maybe a hot teacher can be just the right mechanism to deliver that.