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Earning With Knowledge

As technology makes education ever more accessible, it is also enabling people to make a living from sharing knowledge.

Education is the key to staying on top of a fast-evolving world where old jobs disappear and new ones are constantly being created. Technologies such as Augmented Reality are transforming the way we learn and EdTech will help us reach the next billion learners over the coming years.

But what about monetizing on this opportunity? Vinchell Ltd is the company behind TeachMeCash, a platform that has been active in the European education market since 2017, and is now poised to launch in China, where there is a real appetite for online learning and a great opportunity for individuals to gain their financial independence through sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The tried-and-tested models that the company has refined in Europe over the past two years will now be applied in the upcoming rollout for Southeast Asia – as well as globally – in order to enable people to “learn, earn, and make the world a better place” through Education Technology.


So how does the “learn and earn” business model actually work?

TeachMeCash’s unique business model aims to create a network of global consulting centers and is, therefore, looking for people to join them as independent consultants all over the world. TeachMeCash provides people with the opportunity to learn and earn. Their ambition is to create an EdTech Analytics niche in the market, leveraging focused data to educate people on a massive scale.

How Does TeachMeCash Combine Earning with Learning?

The platform is an information-analytical center which collects and analyzes data about the EdTech market and preferences of the audience. Its partners order research from the platform, and they fulfill their needs in data through sending surveys to its network of expert users.

Since our partners have already dedicated the budget of more than $232 million, everyone will be paid in time, and we are not another company offering you ‘dreams’, we offer you financial independent reality.

The company talks to potential customers, taking them through a careful vetting and selection process

We question potential customers of our partners and pay them for opinions. First, they get one of our paid subscriptions. Next, we provide them with the latest information on the EdTech market and ask to share thoughts on different trends. We pay them more for each next survey as their expertise grows. The size of payouts depends on the subscription frequency – those who read new reports every week earn more than people who read them once in a quarter. Finally, everyone gets 2x income, so everyone is happy.

Here is a simple infographic demonstrating the essence of our product’s business model:


What do you need in order to join?

Users are required to join one of the many available subscription tiers on the platform, where they will be paid for answering surveys every 14 days. In order to become a market expert, they need to keep up to date with the latest research and reports which that subscription will provide them with. As they become more confident, users will have the opportunity to upgrade to higher subscriptions and earn more by referring others to join the platform.

Referral system:

TeachMeCash also introduced a referral system to help bring in more clients through grassroots marketing. So-called “sales friends” of the company have the chance in this scheme to build their own business as they become more confident, and hourly rates can also increase exponentially.

The referral program works by gathering a representative sample to ensure that research results are valid and can be applied to the whole educational system in Asia and – as the platform rolls out – globally.

  • Various earning opportunities,
  • High-quality analytics,
  • Dynamic format for learning,
  • Easy-to-use convenient interface,
  • Customizable content
  • High-end data protection,
  • TeachMeCash experts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • interactive sales system