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Getting Married in Virtual Reality

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VR weddings will soon become commonplace, but we are yet to figure out the legalities of what that will mean for love and relationships in the virtual age.

On May 25th, 2017, bride and groom Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington will get together with friends and family at one of their favorite hangout spots: a quirky florist that doubles up as a bar in the Welsh city of Cardiff. They will then don their HMDs, and join the remainder of their guests scattered all around the globe for the world’s first official VR wedding ceremony of its kind.

The value of VR is its ability to allow people to connect emotionally with one another Share on X

“The value of VR is its ability to allow people to connect emotionally with one another,” says  Gerald Gottheil from AltspaceVR, the social platform which is facilitating this. “What’s interesting about doing a wedding is that while other social VR events might bring people together, they’re focused on the event itself – we’re watching a film, a show, playing a game – in a wedding the whole purpose of having this event is to connect emotionally by showing support between friends and family for the couple who are making that commitment to each other. It’s the purest example of using VR to connect people.”

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