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Infographic: 2017 #TechTrends

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By any criteria you choose to apply, this past month has been… rather eventful. And if January is any indication, this year will fly by before we know it. So, if we step back for a moment from the social media wars and ongoing political turmoil what are the Tech Trends to watch out for in 2017?

Infographic: What are the #TechTrends to watch out for in 2017? Share on X

Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) almost go without saying, but there’s also the use of related technologies such as Mixed Reality (MR) in areas such as EdTech and even SexTech. Here’s a helpful infographic looking back at some of the hot topics of 2016 and what we might expect to see if we manage to survive the next 11 months. Enjoy!

We'll see #VR being applied to all areas from Education to Adult Entertainment Share on X 2017: A breakthrough year in tech

2017: A breakthrough year in tech, courtesy of Amsource Technology