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Making Angels: New Scheme Encourages Savers to Invest in Tech

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Investment is a pain point for any business, but small tech start-ups outside of main hubs like Silicon Valley often struggle to convince investors to take a chance on them.

And if you’re an average saver, putting all your hard-earned nest egg into one risky venture is hardly the most appealing or well-advised proposition either, let’s be honest. Most start-ups fail, and that’s not a bad thing. It takes failure for ideas to develop and funding the ecosystem as a whole is what makes the tech-fuelled economy of places such as London, Berlin, San Francisco and New York thrive in the long-term.

An innovative approach to tech investment is being pioneered in Spain's Basque region Share on X

Those who are able to spread that risk make money over the long run by capitalizing on the start-ups which do bring in the big returns, but ordinarily that option isn’t open to the smaller players, who are mostly stuck with dismal returns brought on by the persistently low base interest rates we’ve been stuck with for the past few years.

Which is why we were interested to explore an innovative new approach being pioneered in the Basque country, an autonomous region of Spain which is keen to foster their tech entrepreneurial ecosystem by allowing ordinary savers to invest their money in tech, without the risk. It’s what’s known in the trade as a win-win, and if they pull it off it could very well provide an interesting template for other governments to follow.

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