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VR-bnb wants to Bring the Sharing Economy to Virtual Reality

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You can tell a technology is seriously hitting the mainstream when every conceivable business model starts being replicated on it. Virtual Reality and  VR-bnb being a case in point.

But unlike what the name might at first suggest, this isn’t about renting out virtual spaces as such. If so I’d see it having a very hard time competing with platforms that already allow users to create or at least customize such spaces and experiences such as AltspaceVR and the soon-to-be-released Sansar.

You know a technology is hitting the mainstream when every business model is replicated on it Share on X

However, their USP at the moment is focusing on sharing equipment and expertise to enable people to do this in the context of a technology that is still very much new. In future as those user-generated platforms expand their functionality it might be that creating VR content will become as user-friendly as publishing content on WordPress or YouTube, or even posting on Facebook or Twitter, but in the meantime, such communities as VR-bnb is proposing to foster could prove useful for budding VR content producers.

Given that it has just launched, the proof will be in the proverbial pudding, however, watch this space.