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Happy Birthday #TechTrends !

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It’s hard to believe it was a year ago today that we published our first ever Tech Trends Post. Time flies when you’re having fun!


Since then we’ve reviewed a host of awesome products, and been nominated for the UK Blog Awards, plus managed to fit in quite a bit of globe-trotting to nice places like Vancouver, New York, Helsinki and San Francisco (to name but a few) where we covered events like MWC, Raindance Film Festival, EdtechX (Europe and Asia editions), FutureFest, The Second International Summit on Love and Sex with Robots and many more.

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There was such a lot of awesome cutting-edge tech, far too much to cover in one post – from Cancer-fighting apps to VR helping kids get over their fear of swimming – but honourable mentions go out to Zappar, which developed an affordable cardboard solution to let people experience Mixed Reality and smashed their Crowdfunding target by a mile and Microsoft, which – although at the other end of the affordability spectrum – still blew me away with the sheer possibilities that the HoloLens uncovered.

I’ve also had the privilege to work with some awesome editors and publish articles on all sorts of different facets of technology in a lot of great publications such as Quartz, Playboy, Ars Technica, Fast Company, The Next Web, Wired, Future Of Sex, IDG Connect, UploadVR and others.

Altogether, if you ignore politics altogether and don’t mind if your favourite celebrities are all having an awesome dinner party in heaven, then 2016 has been a really good year, here’s hoping for an even better one in 2017 and beyond!

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