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April 2017 Tech Trends Product Reviews


This month has been – I think you’ll agree – a colourful and eclectic month for product testing here at Tech Trends. From some amazing sex toys designed by women, for women, to a nifty pen that wards off RSI and an affordable classroom laptop that teaches kids about electronics and programming. We even found time to give the latest editing software from Vegas a quick spin. If you’d like to get in on the action and get your product reviewed here for the next edition, by all means get in touch, but do read these guidelines first to see whether it’s right for us.


We all learn better when we’re engaged, have fun, and take pride in what we achieve. The pi-top does that by allowing children to build a cool-looking classroom laptop from scratch. Teachers can use the device to plan lessons around coding, electronics, and much more. The device is also fully functional and highly customizable, so it’s a great value option for ICT equipment in its own right. Read the full review on IDG Connect

RRP: $200

Tech Trends Product Reviews pi-top

Penclic B3 Stylus

The Penclic B3 Bluetooth is designed like a swivelling pen mounted on a gliding base, so you don’t need a mousepad, and takes up very little desk space. As someone who suffers from RSI – hazards of being a writer and spending most of my time either in front of a computer or tapping away at my phone – the advantage of switching to a stylus is that it not only uses a different set of muscles, but also makes you think about your movements more, therefore stopping the “happy clicking” that often triggers the pain, so I have to say it’s a keeper!

RRP: $103

Tech Trends April Product Review RSI

Miss On The Go

This is a rather awesome little vibrating device that connects to a smart app on your phone (free to download on Apple and Android) and either provides guidance for your Kegel exercise routine to get those all-important pelvic floor muscles in tip-top shape, or becomes a platform for some fun and games (solo, with your other half, or with complete strangers). This is a nice product with a great story of female entrepreneurship behind it, which you can read more about on this article I wrote for the Future of Sex website.

RRP: $169

Tech Trends SexTech miss on the go

Dame Products

Another great story of female entrepreneurship came from the folks at Dame Products, who designed and successfully crowdfunded two amazing vibrating devices. You can read about them and find out more about the Fin and the Eva here.

RRP: $105 for the (Eva) and $74.95 (Fin)


Tech Trends Product Review Eva

Tech Trends Product Review Fin

Vegas Movie Studio

This month we did a deep-dive review on the Vegas Movie Studio software, courtesy of my husband, film editor, producer and all-round technical geek Tom Atkinson, who was impressed by how it provided a good-value solution for the prosumer market. You can read all about it here.

RRP: $79.99

Tech Trends Review Software Vegas Movie Studio