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Tech Trends at #MSBuild

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Tech Trends is heading over to Seattle for Microsoft Build 2017, and we’re VERY excited about it.


Seattle Skyline Picture by Eric Kilby


No, it’s not often I get this excited about a conference. Let’s be honest, sometimes they can be rather dull. But this is a big deal. Tickets for Microsoft Build sometimes sell out within minutes (impressive considering they cost over $2000) and although this year there were some technical issues which meant that it took about 8 hours for the 2017 edition to fill up, it can’t really be argued that the event is not very popular indeed.

Tech Trends is heading over to Seattle for Microsoft Build 2017 Click To Tweet

Tickets for Microsoft Build usually sell out within minutes Click To Tweet

But this year Microsoft’s flagship conference (which takes place from the 10th to the 12th May) is going to be rather more special. Not only is it taking place in Seattle for the first time –the company’s spiritual home – but there is a lot of genuinely exciting stuff happening.

There should be a lot of new and exciting stuff coming out about the Microsoft Mixed Reality Ecosystem Click To Tweet

Rumors abound about cool new hardware such as the Surface Pro, and we’re likely to see a lot of interesting news all things Microsoft, but quite frankly, for me, it’s all about AR, the HoloLens and what’s happening around their Mixed Reality ecosystem. This will be a chance not only to get the latest scoop, but also to catch up up with Microsoft’s developing partners (some of which we already met, most recently during an awesome demo session in London)

Microsoft promises to unveil its “latest new technologies and exciting plans on the horizon. Microsoft Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to meet and learn from others in the industry. We’ll make sure the schedule is filled with solid content, and will strive to deliver some fun surprises along the way.”

Bring it on!

If you’re going to be in Seattle for Build (or just to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the grapevine), be sure to connect on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter and tune into the live stream below:

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Microsoft Build 2017 Conference

May 10-12

Washington State Convention Center

Seattle, WA



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