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Tech Trends at #LushShowcase 2018

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We’re heading to Manchester for the nicest-smelling gig in the technology calendar.

We really enjoy Lush’s soapbox activism at Tech Trends, so we were glad to be invited to come back to the company’s creative showcase, which this year takes place in Manchester.

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If you’re wondering what a naked cosmetics company has to do with technology, take a look at our previous articles where we delved into how they not only used data and 3D printing in their product-making, but have been championing digital rights and using digital tech to advance their overall mission under the leadership of Chief Digital Officer Jack Constantine.

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Check out the full agenda here, but here are some of the highlights we’re looking forward to:

Mark Constantine talks about the Secret Lush Cosmetics Masterplan

Whatever the event, when Mark takes to the stage his ramblings are almost as legendary as his colourful shirts. He’s famous for never sticking to a script – let alone a time slot. But this time it’s different. This time it’s personal. This time he has a plan. The Secret Lush Cosmetics Master Plan to be specific. Join him as he discusses his three-point plan to take over the world, one naked, solid product at a time, and how each and every Lush staff member can make it happen.

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Ending Animal Testing

The Lush Prize is a major initiative aiming to bring forward the day when safety testing takes place without the use of animals. The focus of the prize is to put pressure on corporations’ who toxicity test on animals for consumer products and ingredients. Join previous winners of the Lush Prize, along with a member of the Lush Prize management committee, and be part of a conversation about the wealth of testing options available to us today and the value of the Lush Prize project.

Think Tank: What is beauty in the age of Instagram?

Social media. It gets the blame for everything, including our increasing obsession with perfection; the perfect life, the perfect clothes, the perfect face. But our relationship with beauty goes back far further than our Instagram feeds – think movie stars, Barbie dolls, royalty and goddesses. In this frank Think Tank, we give you the opportunity to examine our relationship with beauty. What is it? Does it exist? How do we redefine it? And can social media be a tool to help us on our way? Join Umber Ghauri , Kelechi Okafor, and Jay Fletcher as they help facilitate a group discussion on how we can reclaim ‘beauty’ for everyone.

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Alexa, Where have all the women gone?”

There is currently a higher percentage of women in the antiquated House of Lords, than there are registered female owners of emerging tech companies in the UK. Join Catherine Allen, and guests as they discuss how and why we are falling short when it comes to gender representation in the tech industry, and how we can encourage more women into tech.

Lush Giving & Regeneration

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Lush Giving, now’s your chance. To help create a world that works for every being, Lush counts on the generosity of customers, founders and staff to fund grassroots groups that are actively trying to stop violence against people, the environment and animals, as well as those who are developing innovative and regenerative alternatives in their areas. Join us as we celebrate the projects we have funded in the past, the diversity and reach of our global giving and the evolution of some of our funds. Learn more about Re:Fund, the next stage of Slush and the Flight Tax that replaces Carbon Tax. Take a deeper dive into the three areas that Re:Fund spans: Displacement & Disaster, Permaculture & Agroecology, Rewilding & Biodiversity. Need a break? The Spring Prize Lounge is here to offer you a little rest and regeneration.

Fun House

Welcome to the house of fun. If your #BathArt rivals Picasso, and you dream in 4D, then the Fun House is the place to be. An experiential adventure playground that’ll ignite your senses, head here for an immersion in extraordinary. We guarantee you aren’t ready for this jelly…

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#Lushmood Space

How do you want to feel today? No, really! Head to the Lush Mood Space and be immersed in a multi-sensory dreamscape that’ll give you the time and space to transform your state of mind. Choose from four states of mind to gain what you really need when you really need it.

Road to Pelindaba

The Lush Showcase marks the launch of Lush co founder Mark Constantine’s biography, written by his lifelong friend Jeff Osment. This immersive installation lets you jump straight into the pages of the book, as well as the giving you the opportunity to explore how Jeff researched and wrote Dear John: The Road to Pelindaba.

Digital Ethics

Is our addiction to technology causing global destruction? As an increasingly digital society it is vital that we acknowledge the sociological and environmental issues that are fuelled by the unnecessary – yet seemingly unavoidable – upgrade cycle of smartphones. The Digital Ethics space will seek to educate our audience on the smartphone industry’s multiple malpractices, whilst highlighting the individuals and organisations fighting for a fairer future.

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When? Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th September 2018, 10:00 – 19:00

Where? Manchester Central, Windmill St, Manchester M2 3GX

How Much? If you fancy joining the fun, tickets are priced at a rather reasonable £20 for adults or £7 for children and can be purchased here

What to expect:

  • Innovative digital solutions
  • A first look at new products
  • Discussion, debate, activism and action on topics spanning human rights, animal rights, and the environment
  • Immersive Lush Spa experiences
  • Talks from inspirational guest speakers
  • Live music from interesting and talented folks
  • Hands-on opportunities to make Lush products and find out more about how ingredients are sourced
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Lush creative showcase 2018 Manchester Tech Trends

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